Public speaking and keynotes

Tomer is a frequent speaker at major technology, finance and fintech conferences on the topics of product management, blockchain and Bitcoin, and the future of money and the global financial system. Most recently, Tomer spoke at The Next Web, Super Investor, LendIt Finance, London Blockchain Week and The Summit for Asset Management.

Tomer often delivers talks at businesses and organizations that would like to learn more and enrich their team's knowledge about these topics. He spoke at numerous businesses, academic and non-profit organizations, including at Facebook, Bank of America and Imperial College London.

Tomer gives talks in person or remote via Zoom, based on client preferences. Please see above samples from recent speaking engagements and interviews. You can also listen to Tomer's podcast here


If you are interested in having Tomer speak at your event, conference, offsite or team meeting, or at an academic institution, please feel free to reach out here.

"Laser focused on the task at hand, Tomer's deep knowledge of the blockchain space, sharp questions and eye for detail give him the ability to elaborate on very technical topics in a surprisingly simple and understandable fashion, which contributed to an inspiring talk that proved to be very valuable to our audience!"

Sebastien Toupy, Head of Startup Programs, The Next Web (TNW)

"Tomer is an extremely knowledgeable and engaging speaker, he brings a lot of value to our programs and provides a unique perspective on the industry. He does a great job presenting!"

CJ Smith, Co-Founder, ELEV8

"Tomer was terrific! He presented an interesting talk to a very engaged student audience. Students were able to connect and learn a great deal from him."

Raphael Wein, Executive Director, StandWithUs UK

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